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                        Product Development Cycle                                           Injection moulded and Machined Prototypes



Engineering support





QDP could be used as a consultant during the development process if you need a second opinion about your products feasibility for production adaptation. We have experience in providing support for engineering teams with the goal to reduce the product cycle time (see Product Development Cycle graph). Use the time zones in your favour that make it possible to send a question in the evening and get the answer directly in the morning.


Our manager have more than 20 years of experience in developing a wide range of products such as consumer electronics, household appliances, test systems or medical devices.



Injection moulding moulds (3 weeks)


CAD format conversions (We handle most CAD formats)


Machined plastic/metallic parts


SLA and Silicon moulding o:p>


Post processing: grinding, printing and painting


Fully functional prototypes including assembly


We are able to source quick parts from different providers in China if need more realistic prototypes.

Injection moulded prototype, 200 samples in 2.5 weeks